Let's Talk about Truth: A Guide for Preachers, Teachers, and Other Catholic Leaders in a World of Doubt and Discord

The word “truth” appears in the Bible more than 200 times. It is also a frequent theme in the stories of saints and writings of recent popes. But many believe that we find ourselves in a “post-truth” society today. In Let’s Talk about Truth, Ann M. Garrido—associate professor of homiletics at the Aquinas Institute of Theology—argues that truth is such a central theme in Christianity that it is the duty of preachers to talk about it, to know the Catholic tradition’s wisdom on it, and to share it in a way that can be understood and remembered. She will help you......Read more

A Year with Sofia Cavalletti: Daily Reflections on the Spiritual and Theological Influences of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

A Year with Sofia Cavalletti
A Year with Sofia Cavalletti: Daily Reflections on the Spiritual and Theological Influences of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd provides a short excerpt for each day from significant theologians and scholars who informed Cavalletti’s understanding of Scripture, liturgy, and the spiritual life, as well as a question for further meditation. A brief biography of the writer introduces each chapter....Read more

The Living Gospel: Daily Devotions for Lent 2018

The Living Gospel devotional prayer books for Lent and Advent offer practical insights and spiritual wisdom from popular Catholic preachers and speakers. In Daily Devotions for Lent 2018, Ann Garrido will lead you to prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth through the Church's daily gospel readings during Lent and Holy Week....Read more

Redeeming Conflict

It seems counterintuitive: conflict can be a blessing. But Catholic theologian and conflict mediator Ann Garrido identifies conflict as a fruitful exchange that arises from living and working together in the diverse world God created. Garrido, author of the bestselling Redeeming Administration, offers twelve practical habits for responding to conflict, pairs each habit with a spiritual companion from history, and offers questions and prayers for growth. A small group discussion guide and a parish resource guide, which features homily and bulletin aids are available as a free downloads for the book.  Winner of 2017 Association of Catholic Publishers award....Read more

Redeeming Administration

Ann Garrido admits that she sometimes finds administration draining, even boring, as it fractures her days into "tiny shards of time" that make it impossible to focus on "the big ideas." And yet Garrido has found spiritual gifts in her many years as an administrator in church life. In Redeeming Administration, she reveals those gifts by examining twelve spiritual habits—presenting a saint who embodies each habit—and showing readers how to experience their administrative work as a crucial ministry of the Church. Winner of a 2014 Catholic Press Award in the Professional Book category....Read more

The Living Gospel: Daily Devotions for Advent 2016

The Living Gospel devotional prayer books for Lent and Advent offer practical insights and spiritual wisdom from popular Catholic preachers and speakers. Garrido’s reflections for Advent 2016 invite Christians to embrace the living Word of God as revealed in the daily Gospel readings and in their everyday lives. Each day offers a simple, five-step blueprint with brief gospel verses, prayers, incisive reflection on the Word of God, and a specific challenge for ongoing spiritual growth....Read more

Preaching to the Choir

For over 15 years, Ann Garrido preached regularly at Aquinas Institute of Theology—a school of theology and ministry in the Dominican tradition. Preaching to the Choir includes forty selections of Garrido’s preaching, providing a window into the way the Word of God intersects with particular events in a community’s history and the author’s own life. All profits from sale of this book go to support scholarships for students at the Institute....Read more

Supervising a Ministry Student

In this pioneering book on field education for Catholic ministry, Ann Garrido incorporates the mandates defined in the USCCB’s Program for Priestly formation (fifth edition) and Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord to provide an indispensable guide for field education supervisors working with students in Catholic seminaries, graduate schools, college or university-based certificate programs, and diocesan ministry formation programs. A necessary text for busy supervisors and the students with whom they work....Read more

Mustard Seed Preaching

Just as the mustard seed grows into a leafy shrub in which birds can nest, so the smallest among us offer theological insights and reflection that expand our understanding of God's Word in new, fresh ways. Mustard Seed Preaching offers the essential themes of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd as a guide to preaching to children and to the heart of the child in each of us....Read more

Selected articles available online

These articles by Ann have appeared in various publications and are available to read online at their websites: 

Contributions in Other Books

Ann has also contributed essays/chapters to various publications:

"Does It Resound? Congregational Exegesis in Conversation with Negotiation Science" in Effective Preaching: Bringing People into an Encounter with God, ed. Michael E. Connors, CSC.  Chicago, IL: Liturgy Training Publications, 2019.

"Foreword" Plunged into the Trinity, Our Sacramental Becoming: Essays in Sacramental Ecclesiology by Ernest Skublics.  Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2019.

“Doctrine and Preaching” co-authored with Michael E. Connors, CSC, in Handbook for Catholic Preachers, ed. Edward Foley, OFM.  Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2016.

“Pursuing Truth in Dialogue” in Nostra Aetate: Celebrating 50 Years of the Catholic Church’s Dialogue......Read more