It seems counterintuitive: conflict can be a blessing. But Catholic theologian and conflict mediator Ann Garrido identifies conflict as a fruitful exchange that arises from living and working together in the diverse world God created. Garrido, author of the bestselling Redeeming Administration, offers twelve practical habits for responding to conflict, pairs each habit with a spiritual companion from history, and offers questions and prayers for growth.  A small group discussion guide and a parish resource guide, which features homily and bulletin aids are available as a free downloads for the book.

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Redeeming Conflict Small Group Discussion Guide – FREE

Description: We learn best in community.  Garrido offers a free downloadable discussion guide for groups who wish to grow together in their capacity to work through the most challenging relationships in their lives and learn from them.  

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Redeeming Conflict Parish Resource Guide - FREE

Description: In the opening to Redeeming Conflict, Garrido asserts that the church is to be a school for right relationship—a place where Christians can practice the skills for living communion in diversity that they will need to fully live out their baptismal calling.   This free download offers pastors and preachers suggestions for integrating themes from the book into lectionary preaching and parish bulletins or newsletters 

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